Navjot K.Sidhu says, AAP is like the East India Co. So AK is a British commander invading Punjab?

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I’ve watched Navjot Kaur Sidhu on NDTV’s The Buck Stops Here—thrice today (Nov 28th, 2016) ..but am still very confused and frankly very disappointed and incensed—as brazen lies and hypocrisy often has that impact on me.

I always get confused when people say something, then later pretend they didn’t and make it Your fault that you didn’t get it right—or that they Never said it in the first place.

So some random thoughts regarding this hypocritical BS by Mrs and Mr Sidhu:

It’s easy to see that you cannot effect change without power. So being in politics, having a position is not critical but necessary to making a difference.

Why couldn’t the Sidhus just say openly—that they both have political ambitions. Why this nonsensical rigmarole which has perhaps made no difference to them cost them a lot of respect.

Starting off she said in today’s interview with Barkha, that she was looking for an “ideal situation with 117 good honest, hardworking people” (to be nominated as candidates in Punjab) but was disillusioned (with Aam Aadmi Party).…as their level had fallen.

“They just joked and read poems and how can you improve Punjab with poems”. That the AAP was a party like the East India Co.? So what is she saying?

That Punjab is separate territory from India and it is being invaded by Arvind Kejriwal, a foreign Commander like James Lancaster?

A few months ago the same Mrs Sidhu ‘praised the Aam Aadmi Party and hinted that it needs the Sidhus. “Their manifesto has been prepared by AAP volunteers, intellectuals… I admire them… but it is important that people benefit…but those leaders who command trust and take it forward should be there,” the lawmaker said.’

Fair enough—it’s clear that Both of them wanted to serve Punjab by being in positions of power in order to effect change.

‘The Sidhus have also made it clear that they come as a package deal. Both expect to be fielded as candidates in the Punjab election, which is a problem for the Aam Aadmi Party, which does not allow more than one member of a family to stand in an election’.

‘Jarnail Singh…said: “In our party, only one member of a family can get the party ticket. This has been conveyed to Sidhu.”

He said Sidhu would only campaign for the party and not contest. Another AAP leader said the party is unrelenting on bending its rule of ‘only one ticket per family’ for the Sidhus.”

So very clear that, yes—One candidate per family.

Mrs Sidhu says today, “oh no, no no no..oh no no no..that came from us—that be very sure that only one of us will fight and then I offered them Navjot Sidhu and they they wanted me as Dep Cm.

“Then they wanted Navjot to campaign.

How can he improve Punjab without being a part of the system?

They wanted him to be a national spokesperson.

For whom?

For a person (Arvind Kejriwal I guess) he has not worked with.”

So she willing to be Dep. CM for a person and party they have not worked with but Sidhu could not be spokes person for the same person?

Then she says NSS “and I are one soul and two bodies. If the soul is there(in congress), let’s see if the body can stay without the soul for how long.”

In other words ONLY one of them joining AAP or getting a ticket was Never an option for them.

According to Mrs Sidhu her husband left the Rajya Sabha only to serve Punjab. “how could he do something good for Punjab without being part of the system?” In other words, without having a senior position.

“I can’t be Vinoba Bhave, stay out of the system and look at the system and keep criticising the system and not do anything.”

So clear she wants a position of power too.

One interpretation: being such stars they both expected to be given positions—maybe CM and Deputy?? And, I imagine, Arvind Kejriwal saying sweetly, nahi ji hamari party ka rule hai..”

Crushing blow..

Navjot Kaur Sidhu today: Congress best option now, in the present scenario.

Navjot Kaur, Some months ago:

“How can Congress be an alternative for us? If you talk about honesty, if you are asking for a change in Punjab, to save Punjab, then you certainly cannot place Amarinder Singh at that position,” Ms Sidhu told NDTV.

Ms Sidhu alleged today that Amarinder Singh has “done nothing as MP from Amritsar”.

She carried on “In a statement last week, the Amritsar MLA said her husband would not join the Congress because they see no difference between the Badal family or Capt Amarinder Singh, who is leading the Congress charge.)

This week, Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh Thursday said that Navjot Singh Sidhu would campaign for the party in the upcoming state assembly elections. “Sidhu is with us, his wife is with us. He does not want to fight from any seat but will campaign with us,” Singh told news agency ANI.

Just campaign? No position at all? Really?

Today she says: Akali Dal are goons, they’re into land grabbing…

Amarinder called the Sidhus, a few weeks ago, “ Undisciplined couple”.

They in turn accused Amarinder of being in “nexus” with the Badals and “ will join the Congress only when Amarinder was not at the helm of affairs.”

In the Punjab Spectrum: ’Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab affairs in-charge Sanjay Singh today rejected the allegation by Navjot Singh Sidhu that he was offered to be a decorative piece in AAP and not promised any seat.

“Sidhu had himself said that since it is the policy of AAP that no two persons from a family can contest elections, his wife should be given the ticket. I vividly remember his words ‘I am not so selfish to contest from my wife’s seat’,” he said.

Singh said he was shocked that all his political career Sidhu spoke against Akalis, but during his conference, he took on AAP. “It is unfortunate that AAP is fighting against the Badals and Sidhu turned against AAP,” he said.

“We don’t know why there is a change of mind as he had himself said that it was the order of Mahadev (Lord Shiva) that he would fight along with AAP against corruption to save Punjab. In this fight of dharma and adharma, he would be with AAP,” he said.

One commentator at the NDTV site sort of summed it up:

Aashish Wadhawan

Lol …… Both husband n wife just looking for their benefits, Initially from BJP then start talking to AAP -then thought about their own party and now joined Congress….lol





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